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Monday, December 14, 2015


December is all about spreading the love and I wanted to take a minute to shed some light on 3 fabulous Blog's by 3 very beautiful and creative ladies! I am all about women empowering and supporting one another and I just love love love finding blog's I can relate to and follow!

Check out their blog's, show them some love & leave them an encouraging comment =)
Lusa Lealea is the creative, strong and honest blogger who dedicates her blog to her baby girls Isis & Isla! She's pretty much documented her journey as a mother since day 1 and I can honestly say she makes me excited to one day (God willing) be a mummy myself! Anything you need to know about life, love & babies'... she has you covered! As well as being a super amazing Mummy, daughter, sister & wife she is also an exceptional friend! She's the one everyone goes to for advice. No matter how busy she is she always makes time for you, has an open door policy and is such a light to everyone around her! Head on over and show my girl some love!

Click here to check out Lu's Blog!

Toeupu Leuila is 1 year married to the love of her life and has recently gone live with her blog; sharing all thing's Life and Food! Going off of Toe's Insta alone where pretty much all her foodie pic's just make you drool and wanna eat... I can pretty much guarantee you that her blog will be nothing short of amazing; filled with scrumptious eatables and wifey wisdom as she journey's through life! So excited to keep up with your blog Love! Xo 

Click here to check out Toe's Blog!

Esther Lemuelu is the style and fashion enthusiast who's love for clothes will inspire you. As long as I've known her she's never been afraid to step out of the norm and rock an outfit that's out of the box and fab! Her creativeness is expressed through her thread's and it's something she takes very seriously! I admire it so much about her and its one reason.. as well as her being one of my bestie's that I'll be checking in weekly for updates =) 

Click here to check out Esther's Blog! 

Be inspired to inspire my lovelies! I pray 20-16 opens windows & door's for you Ladies! Whatever dream's and hope's you have for your blog may they come into fulfilment and so much more! P.S Lets collab! hehe Xo

If you have a blog, please share link in comment's below! I would Love to read & follow!

Your girl; Vee! Xo
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