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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Rosita Gibbons aka Rosita Vai is known for her wealth of musical achievement’s. She was the second New Zealand Idol winner and since then has been working on a multitude of projects; the latest being the release of her music video for KOKO RICE! After years of grinding in the music industry she is releasing an EP which I can tell you right now is complete FIRE!!! Her hustle and journey in life has helped produce an amazing body of work which I’m so excited for her fans and the rest of the world to hear! It’s definitely in my opinion ‘The Best of Rosie’ and the great thing is... She’s just warming up!

The EP opens up with a beautiful acoustic interlude of guitar and vocals where Rosie sets up a soothing, serene and soulful feel with the track 'Alofa mai'. Her unique and effortless tone straight away transports you into a carefree and relaxed zone. The Neo Soul feel it give’s with that tight band sets up the EP for a win right from the get go! Her lyrical game is strong throughout as she gives a sneak peak of her perspective of LOVE with the tracks 'Miss you & Koko Rice'! (LOVE might be the underlying tone here I'm thinking!) 

She makes us snap our fingers with the song ‘Seawall’ where she slays vocally over that slick rick track by Samuel Tui! She already has me singing ‘sweet things, that make me wanna cry’ haha (you’ll get what I mean once you listen to the track) To say I'm OB-SESSED with this song is a complete understatement! I love love love it! She then switches it up and give’s us a little bit of that ‘Happy people’ R Kelly vibe with ‘So High’ which is def one of my faaaaave’s! It’s the perfect summer song that just makes you wanna get up and dance! I can't wait to jam this song in my car with the windows down on a hot Sydney night!

Rosie masterfully captures the feel and essence of each track. I love the hints of pasefika flare she adds! It's unique, it's fresh and its distinctively Rosie! Melodically, lyrically and vocally this is the best I've heard her! She's definitely in her element! The time she took to create, explore idea's and find her sound was well and truly worth the wait! The only disappointment was I needed the other half of the EP! Give us that full album girl hahaha Jokes I'm just greedy and want more haha!

Can we all take a minute and appreciate how insaaaaanely amazing the visuals were for the Koko Rice Video Clip? Rosie you completely killed it on this one! The creatively crafted set, the fierce and fabulous wardrobe, the beat makeup, the beautiful extra’s angelically dressed in white  - everything was visually enticing and executed to perfection! Well done lovely to you and your team for producing some serious amazingness! It was so fresh and dope and I'm already so excited for the next one to come out!

Click here to watch the clip... 

I'm no music guru nor am I a professional EP reviewer! These are all merely humble thoughts from one girl who loves music but if there's one thing Id want to leave you with it's this: Rosie proves that passion, prayer and persistence pays off! This EP proves it! I have no doubt's sky's are the limit for this beauty and I'm so excited to follow her journey as she reaches for the star's! So proud of you for this labour of love Rosie! You have completely outdone yourself! This is so your time... Embrace it, grab the opportunity with both hands and run with it... all the way to the top!

Thank you for the honour of being able to review this EP for you! So blessed that I was able to do so in a very small way! Proud of the territory you are gaining with your music! Keep doing your thing & keep inspiring with your craft! I'm hoping you hit the road soon and tour... I would pay anything to hear this EP live in a Jazz bar type of setting and I know so many other's would too! =)

Love & Light; Your girl Vee! Xo
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