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Friday, December 11, 2015


I've been given the amazing opportunity to blog once a month for Salt & Light Threads; a non for profit AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED AND MADE clothing brand! Already it has been a massive learning curve and it's such a dream come true to be able to blog somewhere other than house of vee! This was my December blog, I hope you enjoy! Make sure to head on over to their site, check out their threads and enjoy some light reading on their Blog page! Xo

The HeART of Giving...

What better month to share about the heART of giving than December! It's the festive month that gets everyone in a jolly and giving mood! For some of us the thought of buying for others gets us super duper excited but to most it can be a stressful and daunting task that would rather be left last minute to avoid over crowded malls! Christmas can also sometimes be overlooked as just an over the top commercialised holiday where companies make millions of dollars but there’s more to it than just simply giving a gift at Christmas time…

Todays post is about sharing two short ideas 1) The heart of giving 2) The art of doing so in a way that will leave the recipient of your gifts screaming with excitement and YOU dusting your shoulders off because you tried and you succeeded.

1. The heart of giving. Giving is something I am crazy passionate about; it's part of my DNA! The thought of blessing someone and seeing their face light up when they receive it is seriously #LifeGoals for me and I'm sure a lot of you can relate. However in my opinion the gift itself isn't what's special about giving... It's the seed that you plant in someone else that is the blessing! Whether that be a seed of generosity; inspiring someone to pay it forward, the seed of self worth and up lifting someone or even just a seed of hope and being a blessing to someone else.
Christmas is the perfect time to be a light of kindness and grace to either a grumpy neighbour or a solo parent you work with by simply giving a small token of love and spreading the festive spirit. Making a gift really personal is another great opportunity to let someone know how much of a blessing they are to you… Which leads me into:

2. The Art of giving. This simply means it doesn't have to be standard or boring! Being creative with the gift you give is adding your own personal flare to it whilst asking yourself these two questions: A) Will the recipient like it and B) Will they use it? Generic gift packs are great but can sometimes go unused which can be a waste of money. The intention behind the gift was most probably genuine but why not tailor make the gift for each individual and make it worth your time, money and effort! With a little bit of planning it doesn't have to be as stressful as it seems! Below are a couple of his & her gifts ideas!

For HER!
The examples were based off of things that would help radiate beauty inside and out for both males and females. For him gym gears and protein as well as skincare items he might not think to buy for himself and for her some beauty and skincare essentials as well as a good read and a diary she can jot down her thoughts and plans! The art is also in the presentation; using a vase, a cookie jar or a basket could be a fun and cute way of “wrapping” your gifts this Christmas! It’s all about being creative and resourceful and it’s up to you how much or little you spend!

For HIM!
My last Gift idea is off course an item from the latest Tropical Summer Collection here at Salt & Light Threads. The garments were designed for comfort and style keeping in mind those of us who love to enjoy that festive season food binge tradition. Earn some brownie points with your lady, your sister or friend by including some of Salt & Light Threads newest summer collection pieces to kick your gift up to a whole ‘nother level! Not only are these pieces fierce and absolutely fabulous they're ‘stitched for whoever’ which means, YES GIRL it doesn't matter what size you are; it can be custom made especially for you! Now how’s that for personal =)

Click here to shop the collection: 

If your capacity does not allow you to buy fancy gifts for the one’s you love… not to worry! A handwritten card/letter can be just as sweet and precious! Creative and encouraging words have the power to make a huge impact on one’s life and are just as memorable! Or maybe you could offer to help someone at home or at work or with a passion project they’re working on! Act’s of service as well as investing your time to lean in and show support for someone else are just as valuable if not more so than material gifts!

Giving is a universal language because deep down inside all of us believe the idea of giving means to be loved and I know everyone in this world whether they admit it or not want and need LOVE! Probably the most important part for me in the heart of giving is this: Give without wanting or expecting anything in return! Trust me, what you give in whatever capacity you can will never come back void. Good things come to those who sow bountifully… Word!

To our fabulights world wide I hope and pray you have a safe and fun festive season and a Merry Merry Christmas! Whatever you give this year let it be from the heart with a pinch and a half of creative and arty uniqueness!

Love & Light! Your girl; Vee! Xo
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