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Saturday, April 25, 2015


'Books Inform but the Bible TRANSFORMS'

As much as I love beauty (makeup wise) I realise more and more as I grow older the importance of feeling beautiful from the inside out! For me going back to church has really started the inner process of being completely content, filled with absolute love and being able to radiate a beauty only God can crown me with so that I can share a glow no Becca Opal Highlighter can give me (did you catch that makeup reference rocky?) lol

I encourage that you find that inner beauty aswell.... for me its seeing myself through Gods eyes (reading his word) and believing that I am really worth far more than rubies! Whatever that inner beauty looks like for you I hope and pray that you find it and if no one on this earth tells you... YOU ARE FAR MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES my darling! (Proverbs 3:15)

Beauty starts from within... Imagine how even more amazing, flawless and beautiful your makeup will be when you get that extra radiance from within? Noone in this world will be able to tell you nothing... HELLURRR!!!! hahaha xo


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