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Sunday, February 8, 2015


This is my nephew Zachariah: He's 3, energetic, crazy, funny, super cute, full of life & has a million dollar smile =) While his Mummy and brother were in the car getting ready he and I were on the grass doing a little personal photo shoot haha This kid knows how to work the camera already lol

I spent saturday night with my sister Rocky and her babies Zacky (3) and Noah (1) While our partners got some well deserved & peaceful rest the 4 of us decided to go out for a drive and have dinner somewhere random and nice. We ended up driving to Bondi beach (which may I add I got to without using my GPS #Winning lol) and managed to get the last little bit of day light. It was stunning!

There's something so calming and comforting about being near the water. It makes me feel so zen and relaxed. It also reminds me of Oriental Bay, a beach in my old hometown where everyone use to park up and have coffee, ice cream, catch ups, hook ups (Lol) work out's, smoko's, drink ups or it was even a place where you could just go to with your friends...stare at the water... and talk about life in all its glory lol Bondi feels and looks quite similar except its maybe 100 times bigger haha! It was nice to see families having dinner on the grass and enjoying the view. I think my family and I ought to come out here a little bit more and join in on the action.

On the left of where I was sitting was the Bondi Openair Cinema click here to see what movies are scheduled over the next few weeks =) I will def be checking that out soon. Looks cool!

Nights like tonight always make me reflect on my life and fill my heart with complete gratitude. Im thankful for my sister, her family, my husband, Sydney, life, God, family, friends and life again! I can honestly say with my hand on the Bible that I have never been happier in my life than I am in this very moment! Gods good yall! Dont ever forget that! =)

Anywho I just wanted to say Happy weekend love's! I hope whatever your doing, about to do or did you had an amazing and safe time! If you're ever in Sydney def make time to visit Bondi. You'll enjoy the view, there are plenty of restaraunts and bar's right on the water front but make sure you have $10000 for parking incase you're unlucky and dont find a free park near the water hahaha

Until next time be safe & happy.... All my love, Vee Xo

ALSO, I wanted to wish my beautiful niece Emma Situpe Faletolu a Happy HAPPY Birthday. You are so special to us my darling and we love you so so much! Mummy said you were having an awesome day and that you got a new phone you lucky girl! I have your number now so ill be txting you all the time woohoo! lol We pray Gods richest and best blessings upon your life and we'll continue to thank him for blessing our family with such a beautiful, gentle, sporty, funky, amazing girl like you! Though we are miles apart we will only be a phone call, txt, email, flight away so if ever you need us... we'll ALWAYS be here! We love you emma! Always and forever! xo Uncle Naia & Aunty Vaoa!
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