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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Being as its the New Year I really wanted to focus on posting things that I think might be useful and productive to help prepare you for the year ahead.

One of those things for me is SAVINGS! I have a slight tendency to indulge in a bit of impulsive shopping now and then and I cant seem to make clear the difference between my wants and needs which ultimately puts a major strain on my savings. This year however, I really want to nip that in the bud and concentrate on improving my overall financial situation. I feel like the young days of being stupid with money has to come to an end and its time to knuckle down and concentrate on my finances.

With that being said I really wanted to share with you the 52 week challenge. Im sure a lot of you have heard about this before but I really do think its a great way to kick start your savings journey for the year and for a few extra dollars a week why not? Ive started and already im so excited about this. For the first time I know im going to smash this challenge and I cant wait. I doubled mine so that I can end up with $2756 but its completely up to you.

I know its already feb but you can still catch up... youre technically only $15.00 behind!!!

Or why not try this challenge but in reverse? While the motivation is high why not smash out the bulk of your savings over the first few months. Not only will you save a good chunk in the first 3 month's it will really help create the habit of saving and will mean once the festive season rolls around you'll only need to be chucking a few dollar's into your piggy bank! Genius right? I credit this one to my amazing cousin Davis! Thanks Cousin!

Here are a few extra tip's on how to get your money right:

Understand your financial Position: 

Sometimes people tend to spend and live outside of their means because they're not clear on their financial position. Luckily for us we live in the digital age where there is an app created for pretty much anything you need in life. I love using 'Daily Budget' the days of making spreadsheets are over. This app will help you figure out how much you earn verses how much your expenses are and then will give a break down of how much clean money you have. It has so many different functions that can help you do pretty much anything. Its fool proof, user friendly and best of all its FREE! Get to downloading people.

Set a savings goal: 

How much do you need, how much do you want to save this year? Once you figure that out (with help from the app) you can figure out how much you need to put aside each week in order to achieve this goal. This is going to take a lot of sacrifice but always think about the overall picture. Buying the latest lipstick or the newest shoes yeah will be cool for now but why not sacrifice that and think about that big holiday you want to go on at the end of the year? Let the BIG picture be your motivation in order to achieve your savings goal. It'll be hard but trust and believe it'll be worth it when youre lying on the beach on a tropical island sipping on pina colada's! lol

Buy a Piggy Bank: 

I know most people would probably prefer to just transfer their savings into a spare online account they have but as easy as it is to transfer in... girl it's just as easy to transfer out! Buy a piggy bank that you can leave at home this way if you're out at the shop and are tempted to buy something you cant just go on your online banking app and transfer money across. You can also put signs on your piggy bank of what you're saving towards. This can help you visualise the end result and will hopefully help sway your mind from cracking that piggy bank open and running off with all them coins lol

Make a shopping list and eat before you go shopping: 

This one's important because when my husband and I use to go out shopping we use to just go out and buy whatever! OMG how stupid were we. We'd always have a trolley full of things we didnt need and more than likely would end up back at the supermarket that week buying more! MAKE A LIST PEOPLE! More imporantly plan out the meals youre going to have for the week (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and just shop for the ingredients you need and nothing else! Again this is where you need to sacrifice. Your wasit dont need all them snacks and you're wallet sure dont need to be putting out unnecessarily! Also the biggest tip that actually works is eat before you go shopping. When youre hungry you tend to buy waaaay more than you need! 

* * * * * 

Ok beauties, those were just a few tips on how to save. I hope this post helped you in some way big or small. If you're starting to clean up your finances this year all the best and as I always remind myself the SACRIFICE will be worth it in the end! If you have any tips and tricks you think might be helpful please please feel free to leave in comments below! For anyone completing the 52 week challenge all the best! You can do it love!

Work hard, save hard so you can play hard! Till next time.... All my love, Vee Xo
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